Bangkok 2023: The Ups and Downs of Condo Rentals


The Evolving Landscape of Bangkok Condo Rental Prices in 2023

Bangkok 2023: The Ups and Downs of Condo Rentals

Bangkok, a city known for its vibrant street life and cultural landmarks, is also a hub for real estate enthusiasts. In 2023, the condo rental market in Bangkok presents a diverse and dynamic panorama,reflecting the city’s evolving urban fabric.

Bangkok Rental Price Trends in 2023

1.  A Diverse Market

The first half of 2023 witnessed varied rental prices across the city. The average rental price for condos hovered around THB 46,391, with studio units available from as low as THB 5,200. Luxurious 3-bedroom condos in prestigious areas like The Ritz-Carlton Residences At MahaNakhon commanded prices up to THB 600,000 per month, offering tenants stunning city views. However, a dip was observed moving into the third quarter, with the average rental price slightly decreasing to THB 45,275.

1.2 Comparative Analysis: 2022 vs. 2023

The rental landscape in Bangkok has undergone significant shifts from 2022 to 2023. The previous year’s median rental price for all properties was a staggering THB 154,980, but by the third quarter of 2023, a more predictable pattern emerged despite a modest 2.4% dip in condo prices. This shift indicates a market adapting to economic factors and changing tenant preferences.

1.3 Nationality-Driven Demand Trends

The Bangkok condo market has seen notable interest from various demographics. Thais represented the most substantial interest, accounting for 64.78% of inquiries. US and UK nationals also showed significant curiosity. These patterns highlight a trend toward both compact and family-sized living spaces. For more detailed insights into Bangkok’s real estate laws and how they impact these trends, refer to Understanding Bangkok’s Real Estate Laws.

1.4 Factors Shaping Rental Prices

The rental landscape in Bangkok is influenced by multiple factors. The economic climate plays a crucial role, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to reduced rental demands. Additionally, the balance of supply and demand is a critical determinant of rental prices. The oversupply of condos in downtown areas has resulted in landlords struggling to attract tenants at current rates.

1.5 Current Rental Price Data

As of the latest data, condos in Bangkok offer a wide range of prices. Budget-friendly options start at around THB 9,900, while luxury 4-bedroom condos are available for a premium of THB 1,000,000 per month. This diversity caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets, with the median rental price for condos in Bangkok being THB 31,553.

1.6 Bangkok Property Rental Market Demand in 2023

The demand for condo rentals in Bangkok has shown a 10% drop from the second to the third quarter of 2023. The average rental deal value declined to 117,730 THB, 23% lower than the national average. This trend points towards more economical buyers in Bangkok, focused on smaller, affordable condo units. This shift away from the city center to emerging outer regions like Phra Pradaeng and Min Buri signifies a new focus for developers.

1.7 Security and Peace of Mind in Bangkok Condos

With the rental market evolving, one constant concern for tenants is security. Condominiums in Bangkok are increasingly focusing on providing robust security measures to ensure tenant safety and peace of mind. For a deeper understanding of this crucial aspect, delve into Condo Security in Bangkok.

 Part 2 Bangkok Property Rental Market Supply in Q2 – Q3 2023

2.1 The Oversupply Challenge

The third quarter of 2023 presented a stark contrast between massive condo listing volumes and slowing demand. Notably, in neighborhoods like Khlong Toei, a plethora of condo units remained unoccupied, indicating an oversupply. The average condo rents in central Bangkok areas, such as Sathorn, experienced a decline from THB 46,128 to just THB 37,033. This trend underscores the need for a strategic shift in the property market, with a greater emphasis on affordability aligning with the average incomes.

2.2 Navigating the Affordability Bottleneck

With vast supply across downtown Bangkok, landlords faced challenges in attracting tenants at current rates. The average condo rents slid to around THB 20,000, creating a misalignment with average incomes. This scenario suggests an urgent need for recalibration towards smaller and more modestly priced rental projects. The Bangkok condo market, once characterized by high demand, has cooled rapidly in the face of extreme oversupply. For a comprehensive guide on navigating this market, check out Bangkok Property Rental Market Guide for 2023.

2.3 Phuket and Koh Samui Property Rental Market Trends 2023

Resurgent Demand in Island Destinations

Contrasting Bangkok’s scenario, the islands of Phuket and Samui showcased robust rental demand. Phuket witnessed a 50% increase in condo and villa leads from Q2 to Q3, indicating its enduring popularity. In Samui, the allure of off-the-beaten-path experiences attracted double the condo rental leads quarter-over-quarter.

2.4 Luxury Villa Market Flourishing

Villa vacations have powered the resurgence in demand. In Phuket, villa rental deal values reached 1,400,000 THB, showcasing a strong interest in ultra-luxury accommodations. This trend suggests strategic opportunities for developers to create luxury villa enclaves in less crowded areas, targeting markets like Scandinavia and Italy. For more insights into the luxury rental market in Phuket and Samui, visit FazWaz – Bangkok Condos for Rent.

Chiang Mai Emerging Rental Trends

2.5 A Hidden Gem in the North

Chiang Mai is evolving as a vibrant, liveable city attracting younger professionals and families. Rental leads grew over 15% from Q2 to Q3 in 2023, with detached houses accounting for a significant portion of these leads. The city offers spacious houses for rent at prices almost 40% cheaper than equivalent projects around Bangkok, attracting a wave of relocations.

2.6 Strategic Opportunities in Chiang Mai

The data suggests that Chiang Mai’s market could benefit from a focus on detached and townhouse projects catering to owner-occupiers rather than investor-grade condos. To explore further about Chiang Mai’s rental demand and supply, visit Chiang Mai Rental Demand and Supply Index 2023.

Hua Hin Uprising Rental Market in 2023

2.7 A Mature Market for Mid-Market and Luxury Renters

Hua Hin’s rental market in 2022 showcased a balanced mix of condos and villas. The supply mix indicates a mature market capable of catering to both mid-market condo renters and those seeking luxury villa accommodations. Geographically, Hua Hin City and upscale districts like Nong Kae surfaced as major hubs for premium rentals demand.


Q1: What is the average rental price for a condo in Bangkok in 2023?

A1: The average rental price for condos in Bangkok in 2023 has seen variations, with prices generally ranging from THB 9,900 for budget-friendly options to THB 1,000,000 per month for luxury 4-bedroom condos.

Q2: How has the Bangkok condo rental market changed from 2022 to 2023?

A2: The condo rental market in Bangkok has experienced a shift from 2022 to 2023. While 2022 saw unpredictable fluctuations, 2023 demonstrated a more stable pattern, despite a slight dip in condo prices.

Q3: Are there any specific areas in Bangkok that are more popular for condo rentals?

A3: Yes, established districts like Sukhumvit remain popular, but there’s a growing shift towards emerging outer regions like Phra Pradaeng and Min Buri, offering more affordable options.

Q4: What factors are influencing condo rental prices in Bangkok?

A4: Key factors include the economic climate, supply and demand balance, infrastructure developments, and changing tenant preferences.

Q5: Is it more affordable to rent a condo in Bangkok compared to other Thai cities?

A5: It varies based on the location and type of condo. While Bangkok offers a range of options, cities like Chiang Mai are emerging as affordable alternatives, offering spacious accommodations at lower prices.

Q6: What should renters consider when looking for a condo in Bangkok?

A6: Renters should consider factors like location, budget, amenities, and security. Understanding Bangkok’s real estate laws is also crucial. For more information, you can visit Understanding Bangkok’s Real Estate Laws.

Warming up : 

The Bangkok condo rental market in 2023 presents a landscape shaped by economic factors, shifting preferences, and a stark contrast in supply-demand dynamics across various regions. For more detailed insights and current listings, head over to Thailand-Property – Condos for Rent.

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